In the afternoon of January 28, my mother went into labor for the second time and was rushed to the hospital by my grandfather in his taxi. My mother was overly active and went into labor early, and they slowed it down. Yet, when her water broke this time around she was as anxious to meet me, as I was anxious to greet the world! She arrived at Arlington Hospital and shortly thereafter I was born, Edwin Lamont Wright! A healthy 8 pounds. My mother said she remembers my cry when I came out--it had a melody to it!

Early in my childhood my family took early notice of my love for music at the age of 5. I remember gathering my family in the living room with my little stereo and microphone playing Usher. After putting together a routine and practicing the song repeatedly, learning the background harmonies and more, I then arranged an entire production of what I came up with. In their eyes I was an ashy-kneed little kid singing and dancing with potential. In my eyes it was just the beginning of my journey to doing what I have embedded in my soul--performing and entertaining! I really began taking my music more seriously when I became a little older when I was uprooted from the place I called home because of the death of my grandmother. I moved from county to county and went to 4 different high schools all in the same D.C., Maryland, Virginia area but each place was so very different. From the people's personalities, to the way of living, teaching me so much diversity and different styles.


During this time it was affirmed that music wasn't just something I enjoyed, it was something that I needed. It got me through tough times and took me from off the edge often. I expressed myself through lyrics I wrote, and freed myself through choir class in school and singing at home. I graduated from school knowing that I wanted to be apart of music. Not long after I graduated from high school I was stricken with a disease--a tumor the size of a golf ball. It was Lymphoma brain cancer. I could barely remember what was said to me or keep up with conversations. While losing a lot of my memory, there was one thing that stuck around and resonated in my mind, lyrics and music!

While sitting in my hospital room I would turn on my iPod and sing my headaches, loneliness, and body pains away. After a long year of chemotherapy and other medications, I was living in remission. I overcame a deadly disease and am still going along with my destiny that I am forging! My goal is to travel the world, spread my music, and share my story with people who can relate. I've always been able to articulate how I feel and alter others' moods with my advice and words. I've always been able to bring relief and comfort to others and empower individuals. When I incorporate music into it I usually can reach and touch more people and leave them with a great feeling.


I have so much respect for the artists that are flourishing now and I've visually learned so much from watching them perform and excel. Forming my own persona as an artist, I know that I can contribute to what the music industry by being another great voice and knowing how to create my own style. I know that with the right opportunity I will do anything and take any route to get the chance to be heard and to excel at my dreams. I have many influences who help me discover my style as an artist, from Luther Vandross, to Prince, and to the modern day artists Usher and Chris Brown. I believe that I will one day have the same influence on the world the way they do!

I won't just have dreams, I will make them reality!